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A full list of all my posts to date (in reverse chronological order):

Xmedia Ball 2017

Student Publication Association Awards

Exeposé – Blossoms – Live at the Lemon Grove review

Exeposé – Fifteenth issue 2016-2017 – the final issue, featuring a tearful Editorial

Exeposé – Fourteenth issue 2016-2017 – the international special

Exeposé – Thirteenth issue 2016-2017 – featuring the Sabb (Student Union) election special

Exeposé – Twelfth issue 2016-2017 – featuring a controversial and troublesome Comment piece on rape culture

Exeposé – Eleventh issue 2016-2017 – featuring ‘What the hell is hygge?’

Exeposé – Tenth issue 2016-2017 – the Christmas special, featuring a gifts pullout and my interview with Barny Butterfield, of Sandford Orchards cider

Exeposé – Ninth issue 2016-2017

Exeposé – Eighth issue 2016-2017 – featuring ‘Things We Lost in the Fire’, a piece on the history of Exeter’s Royal Clarence Hotel

Exeposé – Seventh issue 2016-2017 – the Halloween special, also featuring my Terrace restaurant review

Exeposé – Sixth issue 2016-2017 – featuring the new logo

Exeposé – Fifth issue 2016-2017

PearShaped Annual 2016

Exeposé – Fourth issue 2016-2017 – featuring Josh Widdicombe interview and redesign

Xmedia Award

Exeposé – Third issue 2016-2017 – featuring the festivals pullout

Exeposé – Second issue 2016-2017

Exeposé – First issue 2016-2017 – featuring Exhibit redesign

Exeposé — Pleasure House – Show Your Colours EP review


Exeposé — Fifteenth issue

Exeposé — Betrayal review

Exeposé — Fourteenth issue – featuring ‘Paint and Pot’, a piece on arts and drugs

Exeposé — Forest app review

Exeposé — Thirteenth issue

Exeposé — Twelfth issue

Exeposé — ExTunes at The Old Firehouse

Exeposé — Eleventh issue

Exeposé — Vancouver travel

Exeposé — Tenth issue

Exeposé — an interview with Peter Hitchens

Exeposé – a review of The Great Pottery Throw Down

Exeposé – Ninth issue

Exeposé – Eighth issue

Exeposé – A criticism of the Man Booker Prize

Politicians on loop

Exeposé – Seventh issue

Exeposé – Sixth issue

Exeposé – Fifth issue

Exeposé – Fourth issue (for Freshers)

Exeposé – Back the BBC

Exeposé – Bikeshed Theatre at the Quay

Exeposé – MacGuffin launch

Roar-ful – a review of Jurassic World

The History Boys review

Exeposé – Third issue

Exeposé – Second issue

Exeposé – First issue!

Exeposé – SATIRE – Robot politicians malfunctioning

Politics and the media

Jeremy Clarkson

Official Exeposé handover

Terry Pratchett

INCREDIBLE NEWS – becoming Arts & Lit Editor of Exeposé!

Exeposé – Novels breaking the stigma

Exeposé – After the Accident review

Exeposé – News: Plain cigarette packaging research

Exeposé – Work at the Students’ Union election debates

Exeposé – 2015 Comedy Watch

Exeposé – a defence of George Orwell

Birkdalian 2012-2013

Birkdalian 2010-2012