Exeposé – Eleventh issue – 2016-2017

Issue 663 was the first issue of 2017, and so it was around that time that we started to realise how few editions were left. Everyone was therefore really inspired to hit the ground running, mostly by looking back on the year that had just passed (AKA the year the media told us all to hate). Luckily, people were mostly very positive…


I also wrote a piece for Lifestyle about something which had been intriguing me for a while – the Danish concept of ‘hygge’:


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Exeposé – Tenth issue – 2016-2017

This was a big week for me because I’d (almost accidentally) decided to do a Christmas gifts pullout, which meant 8 extra pages of work. By Friday, I was knackered and chuffed in equal measure… but I also knew without a doubt that this was our BEST ISSUE so far


Aside from the snazzy Christmas Special stuff (including an adorable DIY penguin courtesy of Arts + Lit), there’s also a top-class feature on Exeter’s eating disorder services (or lack thereof) by my co-ed Hannah:

This issue also includes my own double-page spread on Sandford Orchards: a cracking local company who specialise in producing proper Devon cider. My interview with the brilliantly-named (and hilarious) founder Barny Butterfield reveals why drinking beer is “essentially satanism” — and features a competition to win free cider.

I was especially excited by this interview because it meant I could design my own pages (just like the good old days), so I tore up my own rule book and had extra fun with the layout:


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Exeposé – Ninth issue – 2016-2017

We’ve been working on paper distribution and pick-up recently, and luckily our efforts were rewarded, as this issue flew off the shelves (thanks in part to that bold red stamp, I reckon). Spending the day handing out papers in Devonshire House worked wonders…

This issue was the start of something special, in my books – I was busy with an essay or two, and although I still found myself inextricably involved, I hardly touched the section editors’ design work as it was all so perfectly done. Music, in particular, deserve special praise for their fitting tribute to Leonard Cohen.