Exeposé – Tenth issue – 2016-2017

This was a big week for me because I’d (almost accidentally) decided to do a Christmas gifts pullout, which meant 8 extra pages of work. By Friday, I was knackered and chuffed in equal measure… but I also knew without a doubt that this was our BEST ISSUE so far


Aside from the snazzy Christmas Special stuff (including an adorable DIY penguin courtesy of Arts + Lit), there’s also a top-class feature on Exeter’s eating disorder services (or lack thereof) by my co-ed Hannah:

This issue also includes my own double-page spread on Sandford Orchards: a cracking local company who specialise in producing proper Devon cider. My interview with the brilliantly-named (and hilarious) founder Barny Butterfield reveals why drinking beer is “essentially satanism” — and features a competition to win free cider.

I was especially excited by this interview because it meant I could design my own pages (just like the good old days), so I tore up my own rule book and had extra fun with the layout:


(Please click image to increase sharpness)


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