PearShaped Annual 2016

Over the summer, I’ve been working on a very exciting project…

is a student music magazine at the University of Exeter, and although they publish primarily on an online platform, they also have a print annual. This year, I was approached to design it myself (the society President had been impressed by my design work for Exeposé).

I was given a very generous brief: they were simply looking for a black/white/green theme, and my stylish, minimalist preferences were clearly expected.


I worked incredibly long hours putting together this 60-page Freshers’ Week annual, and had the first draft submitted after a week or so. Aside from setting up an exciting, original design – based loosely on the previous year’s edition – I also really wanted to make use of the opportunity by setting up pages which can only ever be seen in a magazine form. For me, this meant the opportunity to have full-page background images with text laid on top.


I established an ‘edgy’ angular title text box for each page in PearShaped’s (lovely) signature green, and sometimes with a black header – labelling it as a ‘Feature’ or an ‘Introducing’ piece, for example. And I also set up some funky pull quotes: each one featuring its own mini green symbol relating to the article or quote.


Anyway, here’s a selection of some of my favourite double-page spreads…


Despite the considerable – and often knackering – task, I completed it ahead of schedule, and I’m incredibly proud of the finished design: from front, to back…



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