Exeposé – Fourth issue – 2016-2017

Issue 4 was the Freshers’ Issue, which meant it could feature Exeposé’s traditional fun and welcoming freshers’ front page. 7000 copies were going to be printed, which meant the pressure was on!

This year, we chose to parody hit 90s sitcom Friends, replacing the super six with our own stereotypical characters (feat. me as a studious student). It took quite a while to find the perfect shot – carrying a sofa around all the while – and naturally the last location was ultimately the best one!


This is also the first issue with the new redesign, which I worked on over summer – inspired by the University of Cambridge’s brilliant Varsity (not York’s Nouse, surprisingly, although the styles are similar)! I’m really happy with it, and the feedback so far is exactly as I’d hoped: people have said it’s cleaner, it’s more modern, and it fits in nicely with Exhibit.

The main changes include tidying up pull-quotes, freeing up headlines (so they don’t have to be reworked in a desperate attempt to fill the whole page), and changing the font from Georgia Bold to Garamond Regular:

Georgia Bold vs Garamond Regular


And here’s a side-by-side comparison of the old layout to the new one:

A breath of fresh air


My co-ed Ben also worked on the front page header, which again is much tidier, and emphasises the important fact that our paper is FREE!

There are a few things which still need sorting out, but I’m pretty chuffed so far.


This issue also featured other big news for me: I finally bagsied an (email) interview with the incredible Josh Widdicombe, my favourite stand-up comedian. His answers were quite short, which made my task far more difficult, but I hope I managed to formulate an engaging and entertaining interview nonetheless!


(please click on image to improve sharpness)


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