I’ve had an absolute blast being Arts & Lit Editor of Exeposé. By my calculations, we’ve created 40 pages of (hopefully) high-quality content and brilliant designs, and when it’s all laid out in front of me, it’s hard not to be insanely proud:


As you can imagine, I’m therefore just as thrilled to become Editor of Exeposé!

More precisely, I’m now part of a team of four Editors. I know, four is a lot, but it came around as part of a democratic process. The next step is where the fun begins…

I’m going to work hard to deliver our new Culture section, Exhibit, in time for the first issue. The theory behind Exhibit is to continue the great content from the sections Exeposé already has, but to give it a gorgeous new design, which will allow for magazine-style levels of beauty and creativity. It will hopefully also mean Culture sections gain more equality with the rest of the paper, as they’ll get their own front page.


Exeposé logo

Exhibit logo

So that’s the most recent chapter in my university life. I can’t wait to get started…


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